We will always be by your side
no matter where your journey takes you


Let us start with the origin of our name, Dear Adonai.

Dear: The salutation of a letter’s greeting, and also the start of a prayer. At Dear Adonai, every bouquet is a letter, carrying a story to be conveyed. At Dear Adonai, every story becomes a prayer, sent like a letter to God, our creator.

Adonai: Meaning: My Lord. Originated from Hebrews. It is the word that the Jewish used to call our Creator. Our flowers are from nature; hence the name represents our respect and praise for our lord.

Dear Adonai value the relationship between people. Such relationships are built upon experiences.

Many times, we dwell in our mournful memories and are unable to let go of the sorrows in life. We allow such thoughts to wash away the cherish moments we have with one another, the instant that puts a smile on your face.

Many times, we have a million words of love and encouragement lingering in our mouths but do not have the courage to let them out.

Many times, we want to narrate a unique moment in our life but have no idea where to begin.

Dear, let this become your memory platform. Tell us your stories, and let us record them with flowers and words. Let our bouquet accompany you through every special moment of your life.

Cordially yours,
Dear Adonai