God chose the nation of Israel, and he started by choosing one man, Abraham. God promised Abraham that “All nations shall come from him, and shall be blessed because of him”. Therefore, the twelve tribes of Israel was found because of him. Abraham has experienced many twists and turns during his life, and he has overcome these difficulties by obeying God’s words. Hence, the Bible calls him “Father of Faith”

We have selected a number of African flowers, amongst which the Protea illustrates the dominance of which an Emperor shows. Its durable characteristics allows it to survive in severe environment, this symbolizes the bravery of a man. Moreover, this bouquet can be made into a dried flower bouquet, allowing it to be preserved for a longer period of time.



Main Flowers: Protea / Protea Lady
Side Flowers: Billy Buttons / South Africa Lining Flower

Medium:45cm x 55cm

Large:55cm x 60cm

Extra Large:60cm x 65cm

The choice of flowers shall be adjusted according to seasonal availability. But don’t worry~ The color tone and arrangement will be kept. Each and every flower is unique, therefore every bouquet will come out slightly different. We will contact you if a major change is required due to special circumstances *We provide free poster cards, tell us your message if you need one!

*Please allow 4 days for pre-orders