Priscilla means “Simplicity”. Priscilla and her husband are remarkably affectionate, and she is a valuable helper to the works of her husband. Together, they pursue the gospel of the Bible and work on serving their church. Priscilla and her husband are well respected for the love and care they give to others.

Perhaps Priscilla does not dress herself up with fancy cloths, but her diligence and thrift have become her most beautiful traits. Therefore, we have chosen white and pale pink as the main color theme of this bouquet, highlighting the beauty in her simplicity and elegance.



Main Flowers: Hydrangea / Orchid

Side Flowers: / Rose / Gypsophila

Medium:45cm x 55cm

Large:55cm x 60cm

Extra Large:60cm x 65cm

The choice of flowers shall be adjusted according to seasonal availability. But don’t worry~ The color tone and arrangement will be kept. Each and every flower is unique, therefore every bouquet will come out slightly different. We will contact you if a major change is required due to special circumstances *We provide free poster cards, tell us your message if you need one!

*Please allow 4 days for pre-orders