Ruth mean “Friendship”. She was loyal. When she was young, her husband passed away. Instead of leaving, she decides to stay with her mother-in-law. Ruth diligently collected wheat in the fields to help her mother-in-law, and God blessed her for her act. Later she met Boaz, a godly and wealthy man, and married him. She gave birth to Obed who was the ancestor of King David. Loyalty will bring rewards and many blessings from God.

Nowadays, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has become a distressing problem in many families. Ruth has helped set a good example by establishing and maintaining a relationship with the people around her. Not only is she loyal, she has also heart-warming and take meticulous care of the ones she cared about.

Therefore, we have chosen a pastel color tone to describe this warm love. Allow this selflessness to bring color to this world.



Main Flowers: Hydrangea

Side Flowers: Rose / Daisy / Tweedia Caerulea / Begonia

Medium:45cm x 55cm

Large:55cm x 60cm

Extra Large:60cm x 65cm

The choice of flowers shall be adjusted according to seasonal availability. But don’t worry~ The color tone and arrangement will be kept. Each and every flower is unique, therefore every bouquet will come out slightly different. We will contact you if a major change is required due to special circumstances *We provide free poster cards, tell us your message if you need one!

*Please allow 4 days for pre-orders