Hannah means “Beautiful and Elegant”. Hannah insisted on praying even when she was suffering. Hence, she was blessed with God’s abundant blessings. In the temple, Hannah prayed to God asking for a son, and promised that she would offer him back to God. God answered her prayers and gave her a son named Samuel who later became a prominent leader in the history of Israel.

Hannah’s husband loves her very much, even though she had not been pregnant for a long time. Rather than complaining, they choose to pray, silently, inside the temple. This gentleness is an example for all women to learn. Women are prone to letting words slip out of their mouth and not able to control their speech. Lets learn this kind of gentleness, and allow ourselves to become a mature and quiet women.

We have selected several layers of purple tone, metaphorizing the calm and quiet heart of a women, but at the same time signifying Hannah’s beauty and elegance.



Main Flowers: Hydrangea

Side Flowers: Sweet Scabious / Rose / Silver Ragwort

Medium:45cm x 55cm

Large:55cm x 60cm

Extra Large:60cm x 65cm

The choice of flowers shall be adjusted according to seasonal availability. But don’t worry~ The color tone and arrangement will be kept. Each and every flower is unique, therefore every bouquet will come out slightly different. We will contact you if a major change is required due to special circumstances *We provide free poster cards, tell us your message if you need one!

*Please allow 4 days for pre-orders